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Game Mechanics - Zoning

  • "Basically the game is zoned by jumpgates, so there's all these varied areas and we're trying to make them as different as possible."[1]
    -- Hermann Peterscheck
  • "One of the things people ask us a lot is, 'Well, how big is your game?' and that's kind of like asking how long a piece of string is, right? The idea is that, to me, it's big as it needs to be in order to provide variety."[1]
    -- Hermann Peterscheck
  • "Questions of size and time are usually difficult to answer because without a sense of context it’s difficult to evaluate the answer. That being said we are expecting to have around 100 “maps” which means individual areas where people can jump to. A player is certainly able to experience it all if they are willing to invest the time to do so."[2]
    -- Hermann Peterscheck

Non-Jumpgate Travel

A common question asked by gamers is this: "If I wanted to fly from one sector to another without the use of Jumpgates, could I do it? The answer is a bit cloudy. In his interview at INCGamers, Hermann Peterscheck made the following two (seemingly contradictory) statements:

  • "The game is broken up into sectors, and each sector is broken up into logical chunks. You can fly from one sector to another, and space is a giant cube with edges, each sector is like that."[3]
  • "The jumpgates are there to create a quick way of moving from one sector to another. If you want to fly all the way through, well, we could’ve done it that way, but it creates all kinds of weird tech and design problems. You can do it if you want, it will take you hours to do, but if you want to see every sector and you knew where you were going, yeah, you could."[3]

It is unclear whether Hermann said it was developmentally possible but not implemented or that it is actually possible but sort of like hitting a needle in a haystack.


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