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Pirate Battlestations

Battle Outpost Station

Pirate Battlestation

  • Battle Stations are massive. When close to one, it will be difficult to see your ship at max zoom and the entire station may not fit in your view.[citation needed]
  • Battle Stations are spawned by unchecked pirates in a sector. They can be destroyed by a group of players. A Pirate Base is a much larger scale battle. Think of it in terms of Raid content. And if you leave pirates unchecked in a sector for too long, they will build a battlestation.

There are certainly missions and scenarios that work for both. The battlestations that we’ve shown so far can be taken out by a wing of pilots, however as you go further into the game, you are absolutely going to want to bring a few more friends along. Also in terms of PVP, we want to plan out some HUGE battles. Those will be perfect scenarios for squads to take on.[1]
-- Nicole "Awen" Hamlett


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