ja: (jap). Yes. From German, but often drifts into eng chat.

Jelly: [JGC] Jellyfish, a very weak flux, primarily designed to give noobs something to rip. The basis of jokes about a pilot's lack of fluxing ability or the tendency of Jellyfish to spawn alongside big game flux.

JG: Abbreviation for Jumpgate, the game.

JGC: An acronym for Jumpgate Classic.

JGE: An acronym for Jumpgate Evolution.

JOSSH: [JGC] Abbreviation for Jumpgate Operating System SHell. Technically refers to both the in-station and web page interfaces, although more commonly the later.

joust: Combat technique involving a head on attack in the style of Medieval knights, aiming to inflict more damage on your enemy in each pass than your enemy does on you.

JS: Abbreviation for Joystick.

juice: [JGC] Fuel, used for brakes and afterburner.

jump: To travel between sectors by activating a gate.

Jumper: Pilot who continually jumps at the same gate to evade an attacker.


k: 1. From 'ok'. 'That's fine with me', 'agreed'. 2. (After numbers) Denotes values in multiples of one thousand.

kill steal: (kill stealing, kill stealer, KS). 1. To kill a flux that another pilot has spawned before they have had a chance to attack it and/or kill it and/or ask if they may kill it. This may seem to the outsider a strange form of etiquette for dealing with a potentially life-threatening foe, but this form of kill stealing causes many pilots to get very upset. 2. To kill a pilot who has already been badly armored by another pilot and is on the verge of being killed by that pilot.

kiss: Collision with an object, normally fatal, as in "I kissed the roid".

kit See gear.

knife fight: Dogfight.

KOS: An acronym for Kill On Sight. This is a term used to describe both a squad diplomatic state ("Quantar's Sword have the following squads on KOS") and as a verb to describe the action of attacking an enemy without provocation. The term is affectionately thrown around by the Jumpgate community on forums as a way of stating "I disagree strongly with your opinion".

Krak: Shorthand for Kracken, a class of flux.


Lamer: 1. A player that acts in a stupid or slightly annoying way, and normally realises they will be seen as stupid by other players. A luser or loser. Contrast to griefer. 2. Someone that does something you disagree with [cynical alternative from Jam]. 3. Style of writing, as in lamer-speak, with lots of misspeklings, CAPITALISATION, k-emphasis! and replacement of l3tt3rz with other characters.

LF: Abbreviation for light fighter class ships.

lift: As strip but often without malicious intent.

lo: (LO) Shorthand for hello or German, hallo.

LOL: An acronym for 'laughing out loud'.

loop Collection of sectors often flown in a circle.