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A ringed planet dominates the Hell's Gate sector

Deep in a dusty nebula nearby rests a similarly industrial sector called Baker's Field. Gates to this sector open near a large, ringed gas giant, dubbed Baker's World, but it is the rich asteroid fields here that command the Commonwealth’s attention. In addition to Baker’s World, the view from this sector is dominated by a yellow sun, its nearby white dwarf companion, and myriad shoals of dust. The dense dust shoals at times partially occlude the local sun, but due to the gravitational influence of Baker's World, the orbital space local to the gates is largely swept clear.[1]

Sector Data

Sector Designation: Baker’s Field

National Authority: Solrain

Gatenet Region: Zelcane Triangle

Gatenet Referents: 2 jumps from Solrain Core, 1 jump from The Mechinar

Baker’s Field sector is a commercial mining area within the industrial Zelcane Triangle. As the convenient resources located in The Mechinar were gradually depleted, Zelcane’s efforts shifted to the rich asteroid fields in Baker’s Field to satisfy its voracious appetite for raw materials. The sector has two gates, linking it to The Mechinar and Hell’s Gate. There is significant industry present in the sector, mostly refining and manufacture to support the heavier industrial concerns at Mechinar Centre. A major station, Outpost Baker, serves both Zelcane and independent mining operations as the central harbor facility. As a result of the troubles in neighboring Hell’s Gate, a Combine presence has also been established at the request of the Zelcane Trust, and the Commonwealth Restoration Organization is also believed to possess a base somewhere among the rocks.


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